With Kinbee there are no subscriptions. When you book care you will be charged the daycare provider’s rate, plus a small transaction fee of 10%

Nope! You get 100% of the rate you set.

Kinbee is designed to be there for families when they need last minute childcare. Daycare providers can choose if they want to accept children the same day, or if they want advanced notice. Families’ search parameters will show the daycares that are available for the day and time you need.

After you request a booking, the daycare provider will review your request and confirm that the space is still available. You will get an email with confirmation (or rejection) as soon as the daycare provider can supply it.

If your booking has not yet been confirmed, follow the steps.
1. Login to your parent account.
2. Go to parent dashboard.
3. Click on cancel booking button.
If your booking has already been confirmed, you will need to contact the daycare provider in order to cancel.

If you get an email that your booking has not been accepted, please redo a search to find another daycare that still has availability.

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