Kinbee was founded by Jenna Claypool in Bemidji, MN. She has a vision to impact families, home daycare businesses, and local economies by doing two things:
1. Giving families the ability to find childcare when they need it most, so they won’t have to call in to work, and they can save their vacation days and use them on their terms.
2. Giving hard working daycare providers the opportunity to increase their incomes by filling the extra space in their daycares.

Who Are We
Kinbee is an innovative solution to many of the childcare challenges that families face across the United States. At Kinbee, we’re committed to connecting families with licensed daycare providers on short notice.

Why Kinbee
• Because 2 million parents had to quit their jobs, significantly change their jobs, or not take a job because of childcare challenges.
• Because the childcare crisis in the United States has a $57 BILLION dollar economic impact.
• Because 79% of children under the age of 11 spend time in childcare
• Because the average daycare provider works 50+ hours a week and makes less than $10 an hour. And they deserve more.
• Because families deserve to work if they choose to, and to use their vacation days when and how they want.

What Are People Saying?

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